Resources for School Gardens

We want to help! (Contact Kelli Brew,, for details)seeds-sprouting

  • Get what you need to grow food for the school lunchroom: raised bed boxes, soil, fertilizer, seeds, and transplants.
  • Learn to grow! We have a horticulturist on staff who can help you learn to grow and assist with trouble-shooting.
  • Connect with Alachua County School Gardens on Facebook – add photos, ask questions, share knowledge.
  • We offer taste tests during school lunches and at school carnivals and other family gathering featuring produce from your school garden. We love family and student input!

More community resources from our partners:

Florida Organic Growers: How to plan, plant, grow, and maintain your North Central Florida garden – in just a few pages!

Forage Farm: Home of the Southern Heritage Seed Collective: seed library membership, transplants, workshops, and family farm events.

From UF/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences – Expert, research-based garden help:

Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide
Organic Vegetable Gardening in Florida
Grow to Learn: A Florida School Gardening Guide
Helpful, Harmful, Harmless? Insect Guide

From Florida Department of Agriculture

Harvest of the Month materials

One thought on “Resources for School Gardens

  1. We are so proud of our granddaughter Cheyenne, and the work she puts into the Alachua Food and Nutrition Services. She is very proud to be associated with this group, and spends long periods of time explaining every aspect of the ” farm to school ” program.
    Boyd and I are very proud of the dedication she has shown, and it has increased her self confidence, which has been wonderful.

    Sincerely, Boyd & Elissa Robertson


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