Thanks to Gainesville Compost . . .

Chris Cano of Gainesville Compost is on the far right

Chris Cano (far right) and our expressive Friday crew

We have worms! ¬†Chris from Gainesville Compost helped students build a large worm bin to dispose of some of the snack scraps we produce. Students are amazed at how quickly the vegetable matter “disappears.”

gnv compost

WORMWe are so grateful and proud to work with Gainesville Compost. They have been regular helpers, and this new composting system not only helps the students learn about worms and their function in decomposition and soil conditioning but will also teach the many visitors we have at Loften.

You can learn a lot about them and how to plug into their bike-powered composting service and advice here.

Taking it into the community

Daniel, Matt, and Arthur serving up salad at the market

Daniel, Matt, and Arthur serving up salad at the market

We had a booth at the Downtown Farmers Market last week. Matt and Arthur prepared a tasty salad with their famous Florida Dip as a salad dressing this time. Nearly 100 market-goers tried it and liked it! Thanks to The Repurpose Project for the materials for our new sign – and to Rob Brinkman, volunteer extraordinaire, for building it for us.

tiny salad 3.9

tiny salad featuring spring greens and roots plus edible flowers