What would we do without our volunteers?

cyd and ava - extraordinaires

Cyd and Ava, doing the dirty work

Seriously. We have the most wonderful support from our community – from individuals to clubs and sororities, to a UF class that meets out here each week. They are amazing, and they make this place what it is. We are so grateful!

dnz with weeds

Delta Nu Zeta sorority sisters weeding the orchard post-Irma rains.

santa fe with weeds

GROW Hub volunteers from Santa Fe College knock out more than their share of the weeds.

food justice volunteers with sweet potato sign

Cecilia Suarez’ Food Justice Class assisted with a Sweet Potato Home Fries taste test at Lincoln Middle.

fj serving sw po

Serving it up.

cecilia collecting data

Collecting data – thumbs up, down, or meh.

Volunteers have made this place and the project grow and thrive. We are grateful for the hard work, skill, kindness, and the wonderful piece of community you bring!

sweet potato thumbs up




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