watermelon in the field

summer treasure

And the livin’ is easy (er)…  Students are enjoying (really!) a month of summer school during June – harvesting, cleaning up, and covering some of the beds for the summer.

Summertime in the south offers the kind of garden/farm respite that winter does up north. While some things don’t mind the heat, a lot of things we like to eat just can’t survive the high temperatures and humidity – and the plethora of pests. So garden work and workers take a rest – and we spend more time indoors, huddled around the air-conditioning vent, evaluating, reporting, and planning.

But first, harvest! Students have enjoyed snacking on cherry tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers. And today, they harvested some watermelons to try out in a taste test. Since these are heirloom varieties, they are also saving the seeds for next year. Needless to say,  this is one of their favorite summer school activities.

melon taste test

Which melon do you like the best? 

mike saving watermelon seeds

Mike saves a watermelon seed – while enjoying its delicious fruit

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