Help us keep growing as the weather heats up

Our greenhouses have come a long way since August!





before 3




Electrical system revamped – check. Evaporative cooing system installed – check. NFT tables producing – check (150 heads of lettuce a week!). Hours and hours of cleaning, sorting, hauling, installing, and caring by students and volunteers – check. Several large donations to kickstart the how thing – YES! (Thanks to the Patty Shively Foundation, Keep Alachua County Beautiful, and Dr. Kim Kazimour who got the whole thing moving forward.)

Now we need one last thing to outfit this system for the long haul: louvers to help control the temperature and protect the evaporative cooling system.

These are pricey, but they’re necessary additions in order for the greenhouse to function optimally during changes in weather. If you can help, please visit our site on Alachua County’s “Find It Fund It” page to make a donation. We are almost there (thanks to you).

These. Ten of them.

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